Katahdin Sheep

We specialize in breeding commercial, purebred, and registered Katahdin sheep of all ages. On our small farm, we can be extremely selective of our breeding stock and always strive for the highest quality genetic traits and parasite resistance available.

Katahdins are docile and are easily handled. The live weight of a mature ewe in good condition usually ranges from 120 to 160 pounds; a mature ram will weigh 180 to 250 pounds and the average birth weight of twins is about 8 pounds.

Ewes and rams exhibit early puberty and generally have a long productive life.

Mature ewes usually have twins, occasionally producing triplets or quadruplets. A well-managed and selected flock should produce a 200% lamb crop. Rams are aggressive breeders, generally fertile year round, and can settle a large number of ewes in the first cycle of exposure. With selection a flock can consistently lamb throughout the year. The Katahdin ewe shows a strong, protective mothering instinct, usually lambs without assistance, and has ample milk for her lambs.

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