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Chocolate Orpingtons

100% English Large Fowl Chocolate Orpingtons

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The Orpington was created by Mr. William Cook in the 1800’s. Since their introduction, many new colors have become available. In the late 1900’s, the British geneticist Dr. Clive Carefoot was able to observe and describe the chocolate gene in Orpingtons. The Chocolate gene is sex-linked. Hens with the chocolate gene always display chocolate color while roosters require 2 copies of the chocolate gene to show the chocolate color. Roosters with one copy of the chocolate gene do not appear chocolate.

The Large Fowl Chocolate Orpington is extremely rare in America. We have recently sourced and imported large fowl chocolates from England and are proud to release them to the public this spring.  None of the birds on our farm are "Projects".  

Chocolate Orpingtons have one of the best temperaments of any of the breeds we have here at Ewe Crazy Farms, and are equally beautiful. They are truly a site to behold and a joy to keep. The deep rich chocolate color stands out among other birds and is an eye catcher to any poultry enthusiast.   Luckily, our line has showed no signs of leg-feathering which occasionally pops up English Orpingtons. We are now on our third generation of Large Fowl Chocolate Orpingtons have 3 bloodlines in our flock to ensure genetic diversity.