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Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons

100% English Large Fowl Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons

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The mottling gene is varied in its expression from indistinct irregular mottles to a consistent even distribution. The desired even mottling is only obtainable after years of hard work and patience by dedicated breeders. Mottled Orpingtons are best kept by the most patient of breeders as birds can be slow to show their true color making selection of breeder birds difficult.  Sometimes these birds feather out regularly at a young age, but many times the birds do not show their true colors until after they molt the first time – similar to the Jubilee Orpington.

In Europe, the birds are referred to as Spangled, but the name most American’s use for this coloration is Mottled.  I refer to my birds as Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons so that no one gets confused. Mottled and spangled are the same colors – just different names throughout the world.

I have outcrossed my imported Spangled Orpingtons to Large Fowl, high quality Black Orpingtons to produce an entirely new bloodline. This is the only bloodline we are now raising on the farm and we are proud of the progress we’ve made with establishing this new line.  This line is completely unrelated to Autumn Farm and Heirloom Orpington stock.   By continually breeding to blacks you will improve the size and type of the birds over time. We are not hatching any birds with leg feathering nor are we getting any with red leakage.

The genetics of this breeding are below.  Black Split and Pure Mottled birds are available.  Consider using black splits in your flock to keep the Mottled/Spangled color strong and the type correct. If you are interested in black split chicks they are also available for purchase. 


Mottled/Spangled x Pure Black = 100% Black Split Chicks

Black Split x Black Split = 25% pure mottled, 50% black split, and 25% pure black. 

Black Split x Pure Mottled = 50% Black Split and 50% Pure Mottled

As you can probably tell, the mottled Orpingtons are a favorite here on the farm.  The sheer size of the birds, coupled with the eye catching black and white splotches makes this coloration absolutely irresistible to any chicken fanatic.