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Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons

100% English Large Fowl Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons


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Our Large Fowl Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington's are a great eye-catching bird to add to anyone's collection.  The Cuckoo stripes contrast against the solid chocolate body of the bird to make an absolutely beautiful color.    We have 2 different bloodlines in our Chocolate Cuckoos to ensure genetic diversity.  This coloration is very rare in the United States and we are happy to bring this color to the public! This color breeds true.  Chocolate Cuckoo bred to a Chocolate Cuckoo produces all Chocolate Cuckoo offspring. 


Chocolate Cuckoo's are even more of an interesting color because they can also be bred to Chocolate Orpingtons.  This creates new bloodlines as well as helping to add type and color to your birds.   Below is a chart to help out with the genetics if you should choose to breed chocolate cuckoo's to chocolates. 



Double barred male x barred female = 50% double barred males, 50% barred females

Double barred male x solid color female = 50% single barred males, 50% barred females

 Single barred male x barred female = 25% double barred males, 25% single barred males, 25% barred females, 25% solid females

 Single barred male x solid female = 50% single barred and 50% solid

-Solid male x barred female = 50% single barred males, 50% solid females




Double barred males are typically lighter in color than a single barred male.  Telling them apart early on can be a bit tricky but eventually the differences become clear.